The Ultimate TeamNFT Strategy Guide for the NHL Season

Welcome to the NHL TeamNFT arena, where you’re not just a fan—you’re an owner! Each TeamNFT represents a 1% digital ownership stake in a real-world NHL team. You’ll earn TeamTokens (TT) based on your team’s performance. Plus, with 1,000,000 TT bonus added to the rewards pool, every team is set to be profitable!

Drafting Strategies

Ready to draft your dream team? Let’s break down the strategies with real TT costs, potential earnings, and season point predictions from top NHL prediction site DocSports.

Go for the Gold: Premium Teams
  • Pros: Consistent and high-performing. Earn rewards more frequently throughout the season and high chance at getting the playoff & championship bonuses!
  • Cons: High upfront TT cost. Also likely to be high demand, so will need to be ready to buy them right at launch time (September 26 @ 20:00 UTC).
  • Examples:
    • Toronto Maple Leafs (3,000 TT), Colorado Avalanche (3,000 TT), New Jersey Devils (2,900 TT), Carolina Hurricanes (2,800 TT): These teams are all predicted to win around 55 games this season. That gives them all a legitimate shot at a deep playoff push and Stanley Cup championship! For a team to win 55 games, make the playoffs, and then win 4 playoff series including the Stanley Cup, you’re looking at payout of over 5,700 TT per TeamNFT owned! Best of all, even if they underperform and only win 45 games and happen to miss the playoffs, you’ll still break even.
The Underdogs: Rebuilding Teams
  • Pros: Lower TT cost and the potential for a Cinderella story. The lower TT cost is offset by the 1,000,000 Bonus rewards pool making even the team with the lowest expectations almost certainly profitable.
  • Cons: Riskier, may not bring in TT as frequently and unlikely to make the playoffs.
  • Examples:
    • Winnipeg Jets (1,500 TT), Detroit Red Wings (1,300 TT), Arizona Coyotes (1,200 TT), San Jose Sharks (1,200 TT): Even the worst teams in the league tend to win at least 30 games a season, which would net you around 1,900 TT. Of course, there’s always a Cinderella story and if any of these teams outperform expectations and sneak into the playoffs, you could easily earn 3,000+ TT from these underdog teams.
Diversify Your Portfolio: Multiple Teams
  • Pros: Increases your chances of picking up a team that makes a deep playoff push or wins it all!
  • Cons: Spreading your TT too thin might mean you can’t invest in top-performing teams.
  • Best For: Those who want to hedge their bets.
  • Examples:
    • Florida Panthers (2,400 TT) + Calgary Flames (2,300 TT): The Panthers are predicted to win around 50 wins or 3,125 TT and the Flames around 48 wins or 3,000 TT. The advantage of owning two teams like this is that you’re more likely for one of them to get into the playoffs and earn those juicy bonuses!
Double Down: Multiple TeamNFTs of the Same Team
  • Pros: Increases your ownership of specific teams you think will do well and can really rocket your potential TT earnings.
  • Cons: If the team underperforms, you may not earn as much TT.
  • Best For: Super fans or those who have done their homework.
  • Examples:
    • Edmonton Oilers (2,900 TT): Predicted to get around 53 wins (3,312.5 TT) and make a deep playoff push (up to 2,000 bonus TT for winning it all). In this scenario, each TeamNFT would reward ~ 5,300 TT. If you purchased 10 Edmonton Oilers TeamNFTs you could walk away with 53,000 TT at the end of the season!!!

The Secondary Market Play

As the season progresses, the value of TeamNFTs close to making the playoffs will rise on the secondary market. Imagine holding a TeamNFT of a Stanley Cup contender; you’re looking at a shot at 900 TT for a championship win, plus 300 TT for each playoff series win! Not only have you already been scooping up daily rewards every time the team wins, but now you can cash in ahead of the playoffs on the secondary market.

Final Whistle

With TeamToken, you’re not just a spectator; you’re an owner. Draft wisely, play the long game, and may your teams bring you endless glory and TeamTokens! Remember, you own your team and earn rewards season after season, FOREVER!

Ready to draft your dream team? Head on over to the TeamNFT Marketplace and become more than a fan!

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