TeamToken: Revolutionizing The Fan Experience

TeamToken is pioneering a new era in sports fandom, merging the thrill of the game with blockchain's vast potential. Our platform enables fans to own TeamNFTs - digital assets linked to their favourite teams, sparking deeper engagement and offering continual rewards tied to real-world performance. With TeamToken, your passion for sports knows no bounds.
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How It Works

Here’s how to get in the game in just a few easy steps!

  1. Draft Your Team: Purchase TeamTokens and buy your favorite team’s TeamNFT in our marketplace.
  2. Score Wins: Each time your team scores a win in the real world, you rack up more TeamTokens, FOREVER!
  3. Expand Your Roster: Use your winnings to expand your TeamNFT roster – OR move to step 4.
  4. Cash Out: Exchange your TeamTokens back into cash.

Every fan can be an owner and a winner!

TeamNFT: The First True Sports Utility NFT


Ongoing rewards

Owning a TeamNFT entitles you to earn rewards indefinitely, as long as the team continues to participate in their respective league. These rewards, paid in TeamTokens, are based on your team’s performance each season.


Increased Fan Engagement

TeamNFTs make sports fandom more interactive. By owning a share in your team’s performance, you’re not just watching the game – you’re part of the team’s journey, adding a whole new level of excitement.



There are only 100 TeamNFTs minted for each team in a season, introducing a scarcity factor that could drive up value. The limited supply fosters exclusivity and potential for higher demand.


Tradeable Asset

TeamNFTs can be bought or sold on our marketplace, providing an avenue for fans to profit from their sports knowledge and strategy. Owning a potentially high-performing team’s TeamNFT can lead to substantial returns.


Real-Life Experiences

TeamNFT holders will have the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences like streaming live games, participating in AMA sessions with their favorite athletes, and even getting VIP access to special sports events. It’s not just about digital ownership; it’s about bringing you closer to the sports you love.


Inflation-Proof Rewards

TeamNFTs rewards are paid in TeamTokens, a cryptocurrency immune to traditional inflationary pressures that erode the value of fiat currencies over time. As the world becomes more digital and decentralized, TeamToken offers a stable and secure asset whose buying power isn’t diminished by inflation.

Get in the Game!

Go from fan to owner! Don't watch from the sidelines - the game's always better from the owner's box! Transform your sports experience with TeamNFT.

Game Day Digest

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