Frequent Asked Questions

TeamToken is a cutting-edge Web3 digital platform that uses the power of blockchain technology to offer sports fans a unique way to engage with their favorite sports. TeamToken allows you to buy our one-of-a-kind TeamNFTs, which then enables you to share in the success of your favorite team. 

TeamToken is built on the Ethereum blockchain, renowned for its security and wide adoption in the world of cryptocurrenciesTeamToken is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network.

At first, TeamToken can only be purchased via our presale launching August 28th.  Full details on the presale will be available soon. 

After the presale, TeamToken will be available to be swapped on DEX’s such as Uniswap.  We plan to be listed on centralized exchanges shortly after launch for even more ways to purchase TeamToken!

TeamNFTs are available for purchase in our marketplace. TeamNFTs can only be purchased with TeamToken and stored in a Web3 wallet such as MetaMask or TrustWallet.

There are many Web3 wallets to choose from. The most popular options include MetaMask and TrustWallet. Once you’ve selected a wallet, follow the instructions on their page to set it up. 

A TeamNFT grants the holder a digital stake in a specific sports team, offering a unique blend of sports engagement and investment. This includes a share of the team’s winnings within the TeamToken ecosystem, exclusive holder-only fan experiences, and much more planned in the future!  There will also be unique rewards for fans that hold, for example, a team’s first-year TeamNFT or at least one TeamNFT for every year TeamToken has had an active league. 

The best part is that TeamNFTs reward holders indefinitely!  Buy them once, get rewarded forever!

The value of a TeamToken is dynamic and changes based on supply and demand in the marketplace.  

TeamTokens can be sold in the same way they were purchased post-presaleYou can swap them on DEX’s such as Uniswap back for EthereumOnce TeamToken is listed on Centralized Exchanges like Binance or, you can also use those platforms to swap TeamToken for whatever trading pairs are listed.

You can list your TeamNFT in our marketplaceNote that once you have sold your TeamNFT you will no longer receive TeamToken rewards for that team’s performance

Yes, there are minimal transaction fees associated with buying and selling on the TeamToken marketplace. These fees go towards replenishing the Rewards Pool, maintaining the security and functionality of the platform, and building the TeamToken treasury.

As a TeamNFT holder, you share in the success of your team by receiving TeamToken rewards based on your team’s real-world performance. For example, you will earn TeamTokens any time your team wins a game, makes the playoffs, wins a playoff series, or wins the league championship. 

Just like the team’s real owner, this allows you to enjoy both the thrill of sports and get rewarded financially when the team does well!