Meet the Home Team

TeamToken: The New Game in Town

Welcome to TeamToken, where the roar of the crowd meets the innovative world of blockchain!

We’re a team of sports enthusiasts, blockchain nerds, and die-hard fans, just like you. Our mission? To transform sports fandom by offering a unique opportunity to digitally own your favorite team and get rewarded every time they win real-world games. With our innovative ERC-20 token and TeamNFTs, we’re putting fans in the owner’s box and redefining the meaning of team loyalty. Get in the game with TeamToken, and experience sports like never before!

TeamToken Cheering Player

TeamToken Journey Infograhic

How It Works

Here’s how to get in the game in just a few easy steps!

  1. Draft Your Team: Purchase TeamTokens and buy your favorite team’s TeamNFT in our marketplace.
  2. Score Wins: Each time your team scores a win in the real world, you rack up more TeamTokens, FOREVER!
  3. Expand Your Roster: Use your winnings to expand your TeamNFT roster – OR move to step 4.
  4. Cash Out: Exchange your TeamTokens back into cash.

Every fan can be an owner and a winner!

TeamToken Starting Lineup

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